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Employment Law – Ban The Box Law Coming Jan. 1

- Ban the Box is almost here so employers need to be ready. It goes into effect on January 1, 2017 in Connecticut. Is your company prepared? - The new law makes it unlawful for employers to ask questions about an applicant’s criminal history upon initial contact. As you may remember from our previous post, this means that employers can’t ask about a candidate’s prior arrests, criminal charges or convictions on the initial interview application....

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Employment Law Won’t Necessarily Protect Your Facebook Posts

- Think the law will protect your Facebook posts because of freedom of speech? Don’t be too sure. - Officials with a Georgia school district recently fired an employee after she referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as a gorilla on Facebook. According to a statement by the Forsyth County Schools this elementary school paraprofessional was fired because “racism and discrimination are not tolerated” in the school district....

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