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Employment Law Issues in the Coronavirus Age


Our Employment Law attorney has the experience, compassion and skills to help you with a wide variety of problems you may experience related to your job, whether you are a highly-paid executive, or an hourly wage earner.



The coronavirus pandemic presents some scary health issues that hopefully will be controlled in the not to distant future. The economic impact of the pandemic will likely be felt long after the infection rate has been reduced, and an effective vaccine has been created. Many businesses will suffer economically and even struggle to survive. Many employees will be fired or furloughed. Employment law has already started to evolve in response to these issues. Employees should be aware of the following developments which are likely to be the first of many changes that will take place in the coming months:


NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS: Prior to the outbreak of the virus, Connecticut courts began to resist enforcing non-compete agreements in various circumstances. This trend may gain more force because of the dire circumstances that the pandemic has created. You may be a fired employee who is concerned about being unable to take a new job in competition with your former employer. You may be a job hunter who is reluctant to sign the non-compete that a prospective employer is asking for. In either case, you may want to seek legal advice on your chances to avoid the non-compete restrictions.


SAFE WORKPLACE: Employers have a duty to provide safe workplaces for their employees. If you feel your workplace or your job duties create an unreasonable risk that you will become infected with the virus, or if you do in fact test positive, there are a number of laws that may affect your rights. If your job duties expose you to the virus and you get sick, you may have a claim under Connecticut’s workers compensation or negligence law. If you suffer from a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act and are afraid that it will get worse if you are exposed to the virus at work you may have the right to require your employer to allow you to work at home.


LEAVE LAW: Under the new Families First Coronavirus Relief Act and expansions of the Family And Medical Leave Act you may have the right to paid or unpaid leave to deal with your own illness or to care for a sick member of your family.


These are just a few of the in the changes in the law that have resulted from the tough times affecting us all. More changes are likely to follow. I am prepared to fight to protect your rights if you are in need of the assistance that these new and amended laws may provide.

Our Employment Practice covers such issues as:

  • Severance packages
  • Discrimination claims
  • Employer retaliation against employees
  • Hostile workplace claims
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Discrimination matters
  • Unemployment claims

Our approach is designed to help you receive just and appropriate compensation. We get all the facts and help you understand the legal remedies that may be available. Our goal is to help you move through and past the difficult situation as quickly as possible and to help you get on with your life. We utilize our skills as negotiators, mediators, arbitrators and, if necessary, litigators. We will go to court on your behalf if needed. Our goal is always to achieve the best results for our clients in an efficient way.
If you are having a problem related to your job and this approach appeals to you, our Employment Law attorney is available to help.