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Contract Disputes



If your problem involves a business or personal agreement, it falls under the category of Contract Disputes. Agreements can be written, oral, and sometimes implied. There are often disputes about whether an agreement was ever made; what that agreement says; what it means; what it obligates people to do; whether the parties are complying with their obligations; and what remedies are available for a breach.

Daniel Green will also represent you in contract disputes and business litigation cases.

Contract Disputes can involve:

  • Business purchases, sales, formation or liquidation
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements,
  • Employment and severance agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Real estate purchases, sales or development
  • Home improvement agreements
  • Money lending or borrowing
  • Goods or equipment sales
  • Non-performance by lawyers, accountants or other professionals
  • Insurance coverage disputes
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Our approach is to use all the tools at our disposal to resolve a contract dispute. While we are perfectly willing and able to fight hard in court, we recognize that this is often the most expensive and time-consuming option. It is not right for every client and every dispute. That is why we will explore resolutions through negotiation, mediation and arbitration whenever feasible.

If your goal is to resolve a contract dispute without disrupting your business or personal life, our approach will make sense for you.

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