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Employment Law – Ban The Box Law Coming Jan. 1

Employment Law – Ban The Box Law Coming Jan. 1

– Ban the Box became law in Connecticut on January 1, 2017. Is your company in compliance?

– The new law makes it unlawful for employers to ask questions about an applicant’s criminal history upon initial contact. This means that employers can’t ask about a candidate’s prior arrests, criminal charges or convictions on the initial interview application.

– There are exceptions, but employers should study them carefully since noncompliance can result in a $300 per violation fine by the Department of Labor.

– As a reminder, employers can ask about a prospective employee’s criminal record after they have made a conditional offer of employment. Also, note that employers can’t require an employee or job applicant to disclose an arrest, criminal charge, or conviction if the records have been erased or where the employee has received a provisional pardon or certificate of rehabilitation.

– I suggest that employers look carefully at their initial employment application to make sure they comply before January 1, 2017.